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bmxkid  •  15 minutes ago

Davenport: A.J. Brown said Chipotle reached out to him to find out what location he went to and possible do some things with him. Brown joked that he won't give them a second chance after his food poisoning bout this week. #Titans

HGHLabs  •  1 hour ago

Evan Lazar: Are there any traits in particular that made Richard Seymour a great player? Belichick: “yeah, everything”

kjp12  •  1 hour ago

Baldy: .@Browns @johnnystantoniv had a good night last night. I salute all FB’s and all the Dirty Work they do. The #Browns are a team; play as a team, and well coached. No excuses in #Cleveland…the way it’s supposed to be #BaldysBreakdowns

jisoooo  •  2 hours ago

Odegard: A.J. Green’s receiving total was set at 545.5 yards before the season. He’s at 340 with 11 games left.

TheWalnut  •  3 hours ago

Vic Fangio on Teddy Bridgewater: 'He was courageous. He is our quarterback'

naeun  •  3 hours ago

@flash_garrett: Yeaaa they are trying to clone me

jerfern18  •  3 hours ago

Stanton: My drunk neighbors chanted my name while walking by my apartment door at 1am. Don’t think they expected me to come out and say hi 😂

currynahurry  •  3 hours ago

MFYCLE: #Browns Myles Garrett was drug tested AGAIN…

hmnorleykk  •  3 hours ago

Auman: Bucs’ final practice before Bears game is this morning, and five key players haven’t practiced all week — Richard Sherman and Rob Gronkowski are almost certainly out, but a big day for Antonio Brown, Lavonte David and Jason Pierre-Paul.

eliotb89  •  4 hours ago

Giardi: "Tua is a our quarterback. I'm happy with our quarterback." - #Dolphins HC Brian Flores.

eliotb89  •  5 hours ago

Which NFL Teams Are the Most Desperate Heading into 2021 Trade Deadline?

niknatta44  •  5 hours ago

PFF: Highest-graded QB from a clean pocket: 🎯 Kirk Cousins - 94.6 Highest-graded QB when under pressure: 🎯 Kyler Murray - 84.4

swizzlep3  •  6 hours ago

Poloha: Myles Garrett chases Teddy Bridgewater out of bounds for no gain after a questionable no-call on an apparent hold

donle88  •  6 hours ago

Justice: #Browns Myles Garrett said the refs will need to “get some new glasses” in order for him to get a holding call. “The refs are kinda giving me the Shaq treatment right now.”

bmxkid  •  6 hours ago

PFF: D’Ernest Johnson: 90.0 PFF rushing grade vs the Broncos - That’s the highest single-game rushing grade this season

swizzlep3  •  7 hours ago

Dallas Cowboys NFL’s ‘most-hated team,’ according to study, especially in one area

vern7  •  12 hours ago

Britton: RB D'Ernest Johnson: "I never lost trust in the process. Coming from the fishing boat, always dreamed of playing in the NFL. I always dreamed of being here. To be able to be on this team is a blessing."

jennie24  •  13 hours ago

Pat McAfee: Aaron Rodgers: "When I walked off [Soldier Field], it just didn't feel like the last time for whatever reason... after the game I gotta chance to talk to Justin Fields about how special the Bears/Packers rivalry is."

dillypatrol00  •  15 hours ago

Kramer: My favorite story about D’Ernest. He DM’d every AAF team in 2018 asking for a tryout. Made the Orlando team. Then popped off. Kid has worked his ass off. He’s earned this. (Of course I saved the screenshot.)

kingKHS5  •  15 hours ago

Wolfe: Stories like D’Ernest Johnson are why we love football. Undrafted, unsigned, spends 2018 fishing for mahi mahi in Key West. Joins AAF then Browns as STer in 2019. Tonight, plays out of his mind in 1st NFL start on national stage securing that his moment will last longer.

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