We built Sleeper to connect sports fans

Sports is one of the best ways to maintain friendships and meet other people.
Our technology helps strengthen connections between friends & fans.

Our Team

We are six really chill people.
Nan Wang
from Dartmouth
Weixi Yen
from Cal
Ken Wang
from Cal
Henry Leung
from Cal
Nate Black
from CalPoly
Sheng Liang
from UMich
We are looking for free agents to join us.

Our Investors

We're backed by amazing investors who support our vision to connect fans.
Angels & advisors also include founders and executives from Discord, Google, NerdWallet, Namely, and more.
Two people
maintained a long-distance friendship over 25 years playing fantasy basketball, then started a company.
A group of strangers
on our app got together and started a podcast for charity to help raise money for another member they met.
Groups of friends
are able to conduct live drafts for free and enjoy each others company, made easier by our technology.