Join our team

We believe in quality over quantity, and intentionally keep our team small as a result. In past roles, we found it very hard to make a big impact when companies grow too large in size, which has a detrimental effect on the product and the impact any single individual can have.

Our team includes designers, engineers, and product experts focused on one thing — connecting people over sports.

Customer Experience

Most gaming platforms don't bother to respond to the majority of user inquiries. Sleeper responds to every question, helping them navigate both simple and complex issues.

Product Design

Our diverse product design team attacks complex problems from different perspectives, ensuring Sleeper's user experience remains it's biggest advantage over competitors.


Sleeper is made of complex systems that must scale quickly to meet rapid demand, all while maintaining top-notch security.


Not everyone has heard of Sleeper yet. That's about to change. Be one of the earliest marketing hires at Sleeper as we grow this function into a world-class division.

Data & Insights

Use qualitative and quantitative analysis to drive insights for the next set of features and games at Sleeper.

Business Development

Sleeper is in the big leagues now. Come join our BD team to help us partner with some of the biggest names in sports and gaming.


Our finance team ensures proper accounting and compliance in addition to forecasting, giving Sleeper a strong foundation from which to grow.


From risk and fraud to people operations, the Ops team ensures day-to-day business runs smoothly and that Sleeper remains an awesome place to do your best work.