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Bracket pools on Sleeper come with modern in-app chat, along with the most intuitive way to make your bracket picks.

100% Ad Free

  • No ads, just you and your friends

Custom Rules

  • Customize points per round
  • Customize entry limits per person

Blazing Fast Scoring

  • Up-to-the-second scores
  • Live standings updates

Best Bracket UI

  • Easily input your picks and copy brackets
  • Pan the entire bracket with ease

Bracket Chat

  • Enjoy modern chat for every pool
  • Up to 10,000 players in your pool

Global Rankings

  • See how you fare vs the community

“The chat is a game changer for our pool”

Sleeper App Sleeper App
Other Apps
Built-in modern chat check
Customize Round scoring check
Custom entry limits per person check check
Instant standings updates check
Final score tiebreaker check check
No ads check
Live scoring check check
Streamlined picker UI check
Global rankings check check
Up to 10,000 players in a pool check
Gifs and Reactions check
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