Game Pick — strategy, not mindless busy work

Traditional Fantasy Basketball is broken. Game pick ensures that wins and losses are determined by strategy, not schedule.

Game Pick Mode

  • Pick one game per week for each player
  • More strategy, less busy work

Social, and free

  • Modern group chat for your league
  • No fluff, no ads — Just fantasy sports

Next Level Research

  • Slice and dice statistics any way you like, and find that hidden gem that will carry your team to the championship

Unrivalled Commish Tools

  • Edit matchup scores, waivers, or rosters
  • Customize or re-seed playoff matchups

Truly Individualize Your Team

  • Customize your team with team icons
  • Give nicknames to your favorite players

Year-round fun

  • Only place for dynasty basketball
  • Chat with communtiy about the latest roster movements in the NBA
Introducing Game Pick
Introducing Game Pick Mode
Auction Draft
Auction Drafts
League DMs
Leaguemate DMs

Full support for every game mode

Sleeper lets you play the way you want, whether it's Redraft, Keeper, or Dynasty


All rosters from this season are reset. Owners must participate ina draft where all players are available.

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Each owner can designate players to keep on their roster for next season. The number of keepers is customizable.

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All rosters stay with owners. Owners will need to conduct a draft from the new rookies and free agent pool.

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Bringing fantasy basketball back from the grave

Bringing fantasy basketball back from the grave

Fantasy basketball was dying. Game Pick mode is growing the industry again.
"LOVED it - it's less of a load of managing the number of games your guys are playing.” - Waltzer64
"I like game pick cause I don’t need to choose my squad daily" - Skunk-man
"The game pick mode is nice because you don't need to worry about DNPs as much as you would in a weekly format." - hollygoluck

Loaded with next-level features

Sleeper App Sleeper App
Other Apps
Game Pick Mode check
Voice and Text Chat check
Custom Scoring check check
In-depth Research check check
Custom Playoff Settings check
Ad-Free check
Trade Interest and Trade Block check
Multi-team trades check
Start and pause draft anytime check
Keepers check check
Dynasty check
Gifs and Reactions check
Weekly League Reports check
Rookie Only Draft check
Live Scoring check Real-time
Player Transaction History check check
Scoring Bonuses check check
FAAB / WAB check check
Live Drafts check check
Tablet check
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