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KingOfTheReach  •  4 minutes ago

Dynasty trade Adam Thielen Or The 1.10 and 2.09

bryantestes  •  7 minutes ago


MattyDaddy247  •  15 minutes ago

Ppr Superflex Trade my Tom Brady and Aaron Jones, 3.01 Receive Cam Newton, Melvin Gordon, 2.09, 2.11

KingOfTheReach  •  25 minutes ago

Dynasty trade .5 PPR Mike Evans Or 1.05, 1.11 and a '21 1st

Radlol  •  1 hour ago

Alvin Kamara for 2 2nd round picks this year 1 2nd next year and Zach Ertz

KarmaKamara41  •  1 hour ago

Looking for IDP advice! Top linebackers for 2020 dynasty?

AboutTreeFiddy  •  2 hours ago

orphan team in second year empire league 50 buy in @ or dm if interested

KB0001  •  2 hours ago

1QB Standard Scoring Dalvin Cook and Russell Wilson Or 2020 1.01 and Deshaun Watson Thoughts?

vulgamottb  •  3 hours ago

SuperFlex - What is Bakers value in picks? Mid to Late 1st + ?? I don’t know what to do with him.

xmancullen  •  3 hours ago

(10-team ppr) I have a really good WR core of DHop, KennyG, Chark, DK, Ridley and need a RB1, who could I target in a trade with the depth I have? Also have the 1.10, 2.1, 2.10, and 3.10 in this years draft.

BenDoinThis  •  3 hours ago

Trade Hunter Henry and 2021 5th for Dallas Goedert and a 2021 2nd? I already have Noah Fant as well.

hackattack12  •  3 hours ago

Cmc for the 1.03, kelce, keenan in full ppr? What if bell is thrown onto the kelce side? Do i send cmc away?

KingOfTheReach  •  3 hours ago

Dynasty trade .5 PPR Mike Evans Or Jarvis Landry, the 1.06 and 1.12

BeauG  •  4 hours ago

Want a good dynasty team? Want a bad Dynasty team? Want one in the middle? DM me for a channell where you'll find all types of free orphan teams and new leagues getting ready to draft.

jk1331  •  8 hours ago

Can you set up contract years for players in dynasty?

Drue5  •  11 hours ago

Would you trade Fournette or Dalvin for 1.01?

skins44  •  11 hours ago

Dynasty value for Fournette? Thinking I want at least a first round plus some players. Need a QB. Superflex.

Innis  •  13 hours ago

12 team full PPR no superflex A) Zeke, 3.04, 5.01 B) Mixon, 2.05, 2.08, 2.12 Thoughts?

Samboni16  •  13 hours ago

16 Team Dynasty PPR Mike Williams & Lazard for Kerryon. Fair or No?

KingOfTheReach  •  14 hours ago

Dynasty trade Davante Adams Or Allen Robinson, Tyler Boyd, the 2.03 and a 21 1st

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