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KerryJ  •  4 minutes ago

Would you trade Ingram for Diggs

JasonKyriakos6  •  18 minutes ago

Who would you rather have in a .5 ppr dynasty? Leonard Fornette or Chris Godwin?

brendanATEBIT  •  33 minutes ago

Trade away James Conner, Derrick Henry and 2.09 for Melvin Gordon and Curtis Samuel? Dynasty, 0.5PPR. Notables at RB/WR on my roster: Barkley, Lindsay, Coleman, Hyde. Hopkins, Thomas, Williams, Marvin Jones, Jeffery, Allison.

JasonKyriakos6  •  44 minutes ago

Need a dynasty league? Look no further

kylejmorris  •  58 minutes ago

Where do you take Todd Gurley right now? Are guys like James Conner, Chubb, ahead of him

TonyFusco  •  1 hour ago

.5 pp dyansty deandre hopkins for jaosh jacobs christian kirk and a late 2020 1(at leats now)

mrmambo32  •  1 hour ago

Half PPR dynasty I have Royce Freeman and offered 2019 2.12 and 2020 2 round

JasonKyriakos6  •  2 hours ago

Rate my team: 16 team, .5 PPR, Dynasty team. Curious on a rating and ways to make it better for the upcoming season!!

brothapipp  •  2 hours ago

12 team redraft (link inside)

Kesha  •  3 hours ago

12 team dynasty. Rate my team, trade ideas to make improvements or stay put the way I am.

orrsmen74  •  3 hours ago

I have Hopkins n have been offered 2 different trades. A 2 1st n 2 2nds. B 2 1st n stafford Are either one worth taking in a dynasty

CamLott  •  3 hours ago

Rate my team and tell me what needs to be improved!! Also tell me values that can be traded for Team is below in the comments

tcwilliams1509  •  4 hours ago

How’d I do in rookie draft? Super flex 10 man ppr 1.03 Harry 1.04 Montgomery 1.05 miles sanders 1.10 Dwayne Haskins 2.02 Deebo Samuels 2.08 jjaw 4.09 jalen Hurd

Waivrwirwarior  •  5 hours ago

thoughts on pettis?

CamLott  •  6 hours ago

This is a team in our league... he is pretty loaded!! The team is in the comments below

AdamThielen  •  7 hours ago

Todd Gurley or Joe Mixon???

packersfan1  •  7 hours ago

Can I join a league or do I have to create one

Kesha  •  7 hours ago

If you had the opportunity to stack Dak, Cooper, and Zeke on you’re team would you? Why would or wouldn’t you do it.

russkeedee  •  8 hours ago

I'm about to over pay for D. Monty. Change my mind

Chandly  •  10 hours ago

Which side you want in this trade , it’s a 12 team full PPR dynasty league

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