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Sand1222  •  7 minutes ago

I dont care what anyone says. Ravens messed up not getting Dobbins morr involved tonight smh

shabsshabsshabs  •  12 minutes ago

I donโ€™t really like mixon but I was offered mixon and chark for James Robinson.. am I stupid not to take this? My RBs are zeke, miles sanders, James Robinson, Akers, Kelley Wrs are Lockett, dj Moore, Gallup, Aj green, Jarvis

trentjoyce  •  13 minutes ago

Dynasty | Standard A. Barkley B. 2021 1st & 2nd, 2022 1st & 2nd

pattymagic  •  20 minutes ago

I need to drop Hines or Ingram, which one's worse?

GLong1998  •  21 minutes ago

Amari Cooper for Nick Chubb?

Sand1222  •  22 minutes ago

Where we at with Anthony Miller with Nick Foles the rest of the year?

Kittle23  •  23 minutes ago

Won this week by 0.2 thanks to Lamar shitting the bed!!! BEER ME ๐Ÿป๐Ÿป๐Ÿป

jmejers  •  28 minutes ago

Better tight end ROS? Jimmy Gram or Mo Ally of Cocks?

Beastmode425  •  29 minutes ago

Where are fellow Drake owners at with him currently, in general? Iโ€™m still optimistic myself but are we trading after first good game? Does he finish top 15 ROS?

iGetsPT  •  34 minutes ago

Trade Miles sanders for DJ Chark, Goff, A Gibson?

Kennyyyy  •  42 minutes ago

What should I do to trade for a 3rd QB?

kjones44  •  50 minutes ago

Looking to replace Jared Cook. Graham? Hurst? Gronk? Herndon?

Unreal85  •  57 minutes ago

What RB can I get for trading my Lamar Jackson? I have Brady

GoldenWarriors  •  58 minutes ago

How do you guys feel about gaskin

yacas  •  1 hour ago


sabercromby  •  1 hour ago

Was offered diggs for mixon. Was thinking of countering for Metcalf instead and and maybe try and get them to throw in Davis as well. I have CMC and they benched Davis this week.

llegend24  •  1 hour ago

I traded J Edelman L Murray #3 waiver pick for Robbie Anderson M Davis R Gage and #9 waiver pick. What do you guys think? Std scoring 16 team league I am the McCaffery owner and have DJ Chark and AJ Brown as my WR

chadissly  •  1 hour ago

Kyler Murray and David Montgomery for James Connor...Fair Trade?

jl24  •  1 hour ago

How do I hit the panic button on my team? I'm 0-3 and have absolutely no idea what to do. I swear my team is not that bad on paper, I'm just getting bent over left right and centre. My team: QBs: Wentz, Tannehill, RBs: JT, Ekeler, CMC, Davis, WRs: Godwin, Kupp, Diggs, Edelman, TY, CeeDee, TE: Hurst. I probably have top waiver this week, who the hell do I pick up?

Whoopsies  •  1 hour ago

Need advice Iโ€™m 3-0 but I lost CMC and Carson I have kelce my other RBs are Gibson and hunt Should I trade away kelce to get a quality RB or wait until my RBs get healthy ?

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