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JJCOMBO  •  1 hour ago

Looking to join any type of league DM me for details

jlyle  •  1 hour ago

I’m giving up Rodgers and Kupp What should I get in return.... A: Josh Allen, 1.09 and 2021 mid 1st B: Josh Allen, 1.09 and Gallup C: Neither Super Flex .5 PPR

Littleman19  •  1 hour ago

Just traded David Monty and 2.7 2020 for Lockett.. did i get the worse part of the trade?!

showdemTDs  •  1 hour ago

James Conner or Chris Carson in dynasty?

RedXIV  •  2 hours ago

Got to ask.. Am I one of the few that think Rivers could honestly thrive with the Colts? It has been a long time since the Chargers honestly tried to protect the guy. The Colts already have a sound O-line. Yes- his weapons around him would a downgrade. But the Colts could easily change that. Even get him Henry and Gordon if they wanted to get him guys he has chemistry with.

romainejustin  •  3 hours ago

Julio or the 1.10?

FdaSteelers  •  3 hours ago

How much does it take to move Saquon in dynasty? Julio Jones, Tyler Lockett, a 2nd round pick, + what else?

WastedTalent707  •  4 hours ago

Will Tom brady sign with the LV raiders or stay in New England???

al2013  •  4 hours ago

TE Premium Makes the TE Landscape Worse. Change My Mind.

Aegon  •  4 hours ago

$10 entry orphan team

bigfatjim  •  11 hours ago

Hey folks. Have created an empire dynasty league. $50 per year. 2 years up front. Half the pot paid out each year, the other half rolled over and paid out to the first 2 time winner. 10 team. TE Premium Roster 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 4FLEX, 1TE, 1SF, 2IR 5TAXI Send me a private message if interested and I can send you the bylaws/invite. Only want active year round owners. Committed long term players are a must given it’s an empire.

Caloran  •  14 hours ago

Kamara or 1.01 and 1.10?

Tobiasrulz  •  15 hours ago

What would be a better situation? I have Ryquel Armstead. Do I try to get Leo, or trade Armstead to the Leo owner for a pick? I’d throw in Juju to get his 1st as it will be a top 4 pick. And go......

WhosZeke  •  17 hours ago

I need 1 XFL team to jion a 6 man leauge,,,Looking to add one person asap for we can add this asap for i can start on this weekend.......

chiefschick49  •  17 hours ago

Here a Ncca tournament if you need a cool league to join; join us

stonkings  •  18 hours ago

Need one to fill spot 10 man ppr

jlyle  •  19 hours ago

Calvin Ridley & 17th overall rookie pick OR Austin Ekeler & 12th overall rookie pick 12 team SUPERFLEX .5 PPR WHICH SIDE YOU WANT?!?

SmokinMonkey  •  21 hours ago

Renew dynasty league

Jujuschuster  •  22 hours ago

What do y’all think about Russell Wilson and a fourth for Drew Lock and Tyler Lockett? Dynasty 1QB league?

Jimmy1976  •  23 hours ago

So I have the first overall pick in the draft should I trade it for Deebo Shark and Terry McLaughlin thoughts that 3 solid WR

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