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mrcleanjay  •  25 days ago

“Davante sold the motion. And Rodgers finds him for the #GoPackGo TD!

kjp12  •  21 minutes ago

Baldy: .@Browns @johnnystantoniv had a good night last night. I salute all FB’s and all the Dirty Work they do. The #Browns are a team; play as a team, and well coached. No excuses in #Cleveland…the way it’s supposed to be #BaldysBreakdowns

jisoooo  •  1 hour ago

Odegard: A.J. Green’s receiving total was set at 545.5 yards before the season. He’s at 340 with 11 games left.

TheWalnut  •  1 hour ago

Vic Fangio on Teddy Bridgewater: 'He was courageous. He is our quarterback'

naeun  •  2 hours ago

@flash_garrett: Yeaaa they are trying to clone me

jerfern18  •  2 hours ago

Stanton: My drunk neighbors chanted my name while walking by my apartment door at 1am. Don’t think they expected me to come out and say hi 😂

currynahurry  •  2 hours ago

MFYCLE: #Browns Myles Garrett was drug tested AGAIN…

hmnorleykk  •  2 hours ago

Auman: Bucs’ final practice before Bears game is this morning, and five key players haven’t practiced all week — Richard Sherman and Rob Gronkowski are almost certainly out, but a big day for Antonio Brown, Lavonte David and Jason Pierre-Paul.

eliotb89  •  3 hours ago

Giardi: "Tua is a our quarterback. I'm happy with our quarterback." - #Dolphins HC Brian Flores.