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ekho18  •  5 years ago

Flex Option: DJ Moore OR Cooper Kupp?

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tal64 5 years ago

To start the season i would go Moore, once I see a few games of Kupp ill probably put him in

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fantasyfootballdaddy 5 years ago

Kupp all day

sgd4rams 5 years ago

Coming off ACL you’ve gotta expect some regression but prior to the ACL injury last year kupp was the WR3 in the league. That man was meant to feast in a Sean mcVay offense

zakainsworth  •  1 minute ago

Does anyone else believe JSN will overtake DK as Seattle”s wr1 by midseason and significantly outperform his adp

SuperJorio  •  11 minutes ago

Dynasty - Nico or DK? What is the difference between the two in 2025 picks?

JarekF21  •  12 minutes ago

In a 12 team 0.5 ppr keeper league that allows for 6 keepers with no penalty each year. I have Mark Andrews on my team and am looking to trade him, as both McBride and Kincaid will be in the draft and I think I’d be able to get a better player in a trade for Andrews compared to what would be on the board if I kept him and then I could just take a TE in the draft. What player should I try and target in a trade?

jakefromstatefarm24  •  19 minutes ago

Dynasty Superflex PPR - Which side would you take? A) Jayden Daniels and LaPorta B) Nico Collins, Pitts and Goff

MicahDelisle  •  23 minutes ago

Joining our 20-man dynasty fantasy football league is an absolute must for anyone who thrives on the thrill of trading and strategic gameplay. With our unique rule requiring at least one trade per week during the season, you will always be engaged and active, ensuring the league remains dynamic and competitive. We have implemented rules to prevent repetitive trade patterns, maintaining fairness and diversity in team compositions. Additionally, enticing incentives for blockbuster deals add an extra layer of excitement, making big trades not just beneficial but also incredibly rewarding. If you are passionate about trading and love the strategic depth it brings to fantasy football, our league offers an unparalleled experience that keeps the fun and competition alive all season long. DM me if interested

MoondogKing  •  37 minutes ago

PPR dynasty I have Kamara. I could trade Corum to get Kendre right now. Should I?

xHappyx  •  40 minutes ago

Debate: WHO WILL be the bills wr1 this year? Coleman? Shakir? Samuel? My bets on samuel (kincaid doesnt count nor does cook)

JoshResh27  •  52 minutes ago

2 first rounders for kelce ones late 2026 and mid 2026. 12 SF TE Premium Looking to win it all