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DrSteveBrule2  •  23 days ago

12T SF PPR Addison + _______ = Achane

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ChefRamsayB 23 days ago

Idk late 2nd or early 3rd? Feel like Addison and Achane have similar dynasty values. Achane maybe more value this year

matt2o 23 days ago

Even swap

thneedville 23 days ago

Some decent rookie rb like estime or a 2nd

CheeseburgerWalrus1 23 days ago

@DrSteveBrule2 a 2nd

Steven 23 days ago

I’d want a better WR than Addison to be the foundation of a trade if I was moving Achane

Steven 23 days ago

Are you buying or selling Achane?

gregsabo 23 days ago

early 2nd/late first

SunRisers7  •  7 minutes ago

Which side PPR. I have Stroud and pretty good at WR. Have Kupp, evans, ridley, hopkins, Amari, pickens, Jamo, Terry A) Nico B) Josh Jacobs + Terry

MoreThanAGame11  •  9 minutes ago

I have 3 first rounders. My keeper is Breece hall, best available receiver should be aj brown. I can’t decide what to do with my next pick. Should I draft Harrison cause I like him, Garret Wilson cause he is high In points or bijan Robinson. If I draft bijan, I will go receiver next and probably get someone like Brandon auyun

KingYenko  •  18 minutes ago

12 team sf dynasty hppr 0.5 tep. George Pickens and 3.05 Or Achane

LTDans40time  •  19 minutes ago

Any Jeudy-in-CLE truthers out there? Is a 12t SF mid-late 2nd too bullish?

josearzaga  •  25 minutes ago

Jsn & 25 late 1st Or Rice, Rodgers & 25 2nd SF dynasty qb premium other qbs baker and mahomes

myGurleysBigTDs  •  41 minutes ago

Dynasty ppr tep sf 10 team A. Kelce and a 2025 2nd. B. Ladd and a 2025 1st

Wingedboy83  •  43 minutes ago

Selecting draft slot in 1QB 2RB 3WR 1FLEX 1/2 PPR league. #1 or #4 are available. Feeling #1 for sure if it was 2 WR to have CMC but with 3 WR it has me thinking CMC isn't quite as valuable and getting a JJ or Chase would be better at #4 for roster construction.

Spendizzle  •  52 minutes ago

What are we doing with kendre miller hold or trade on upside