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AHaus  •  23 days ago

JFields trade value in Dynasty? 2-3 rd pick? This year next year ?? Looking to part ways

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dunndeal 23 days ago

Maybe in SF. One QB leagues, not sure.

Lo-fi 23 days ago

If someone offered me an early 2nd, I'd probably take it, but otherwise I'm holding. There's a lot of upside if he becomes the starter over Russ, which I think is likely this season.

A440 23 days ago

Not a great time to trade him with the recent news that Wilson is far and away the best QB at camp. A second, max

Caballo_Blanco 23 days ago

^ I agree with this.

Caballo_Blanco 23 days ago

You need to hold until a good preseason performance or something. But then take whatever you can get. I personally dont think he ever becomes a starting qb again. He's not good at playing qb.

Caballo_Blanco 23 days ago

I get it. Its tough to let go. But I would say he is more of a throwing rb, than a running qb

gregsabo 23 days ago

hold if you have room

KingYenko  •  16 seconds ago

12 team sf dynasty hppr 0.5 tep. George Pickens and 3.05 Or Achane

LTDans40time  •  1 minute ago

Any Jeudy-in-CLE truthers out there? Is a 12t SF mid-late 2nd too bullish?

josearzaga  •  7 minutes ago

Jsn & 25 late 1st Or Rice, Rodgers & 25 2nd SF dynasty qb premium other qbs baker and mahomes

myGurleysBigTDs  •  23 minutes ago

Dynasty ppr tep sf 10 team A. Kelce and a 2025 2nd. B. Ladd and a 2025 1st

Wingedboy83  •  25 minutes ago

Selecting draft slot in 1QB 2RB 3WR 1FLEX 1/2 PPR league. #1 or #4 are available. Feeling #1 for sure if it was 2 WR to have CMC but with 3 WR it has me thinking CMC isn't quite as valuable and getting a JJ or Chase would be better at #4 for roster construction.

Spendizzle  •  34 minutes ago

What are we doing with kendre miller hold or trade on upside

Nicky1187  •  34 minutes ago

Dynasty Superfelx 2 QB- TE premium Start up draft: so far my squad - Josh Allen Bijan Waddle Kyler Murray Iā€™m up in 2 picks - Devante smith, Kincaid, or McBride ?

ReallyHIM11  •  40 minutes ago

Brooks or Benson (dynasty)