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Vwb55201  •  2 months ago

I need RB help. Would you trade Puka for Josh Jacobs?

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PookaNacua 2 months ago

I wouldn’t trade me

DaBear1960 2 months ago

I have heard that Puka will still be highly used even when Kupp returns, I see too many mouths to feed . I think you can do better than Jacobs or Stevenson , would try for Barkley or Henry . I know it seems like a reach but Puka is putting up the numbers for now

YoDirt 2 months ago


Padreloco 2 months ago

Yes, especially if you have WR's that are true number 1's on their team.

TonyR98223 2 months ago

Yes no question, especially if you need rb help. Jacobs was a top 10 RB prospect coming into the season and you’re getting him for a likely undrafted rookie who had two great games.

goff6485 2 months ago

Absolutely. Shocked it’s a debate.

ER435 2 months ago

Smash it

TDSnBEER8 2 months ago

I traded Puka and R. White for Etienne and AJ Brown

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Thurstt330 2 months ago

Yeahh Jacobs is having a slow start but I guarantee he will pick up throughout the season get him for cheap while you can

Comino1109 2 months ago


Comino1109 2 months ago

Not Jacobs offensive line sucks! Other teams don’t fear Jimmy G so they are stacking the box! That’s why Jacoba hasn’t produce this year and it will continue! Try to get a different RB!

MrCoffee91 2 months ago

This a joke? Take Jacobs ffs

MrCoffee91 2 months ago

Think of it this way, assuming you bid on puka. Who would you take if Jacobs was on waivers, Puka or Jacobs? Jacob’s a stud who will turn things around, guy is 100% of that run game

JoeWeCannoli 2 months ago

Its called your research and find the value to make your team better at as little cost as possible. I throw random stuff out all the time and see if anyone bites. Whats the worst anyone can say....No? Why do you feel so personally attacked for a trade offer? Puka value is established right now, its up to the individual to gamble on his value which wins or loses leagues. Last year plenty of people traded "shit players" for josh jacobs (because he was a sub 1000 yd rusher the year before) and it happened to work out that he ran over 350 times. Same with players like anquan boldin, edgerrin james, OBJ, tyrod taylor. You could get them for pennies on dollar during the season. Why not gamble and keep puka to see what the rams do? Maybe cooper never heals this season...maybe they trade him bc hes an aging receiver whos injury prone and they just found 2 young guys who they can win with at a cheaper contracts. It is statistically proven most running back aren't at the top of fantasy leaderboards year after year except your freaks like Adrian Peter, cmc, LT, derrick henry. So feel free to insta block guys like me because I make you research for trades and completely tilt your mindset with a FANTASY trade. I would target better situation players than Josh with his teammate Kyren or Travis etienne, joe mixon, jared cook, maybe a racheed white (if you think baker is going to perform all year). They all have 2 things in common a qb that can be dangerous if you stack the box and they service as a stand alone back for the most part....josh just doesn't have that QB luxury to help him out. Josh will still be decent this year but trade guys like garret wilson, christian kirk, brandon aiyuk, Josh reynolds. Some peoples garbage is another persons treasure.....

auriap123 2 months ago

Still stand by what I said

StyleB3nder  •  1 minute ago

Win and in, who starts? Nico Collins against an elite secondary and bad weather Or DJ Moore with fields, who he is on fire with, against a weak Detroit secondary?

DannyV  •  4 minutes ago

(.5 PPR) Can't decide between Mixon and Jacobs. Jacobs has a MUCH tougher defense and isn't getting targets. Yet he's ranked a lot higher than Mixon. He really only had 1 good play vs the Chiefs before the bye and hasn't done much the last few weeks. Also not sure about DK or Puca. DK went off last week but did NOTHING against the 49ers at home 2 weeks ago. Who do I start in each situation? Btw, I'm not a big favorite or underdog. 50-50 matchup.

kileyg86  •  7 minutes ago

Full PPR - start 1 RB and 1 flex Walker CEH Downs R. Doubs

Dmgator13  •  15 minutes ago

Full PPR, WDIS Breece Hall or Javonte Williams?

BiGdaDDy43  •  16 minutes ago

Start 3. Jefferson, aiyuk, olave, dj Moore Should I start Mitchell or Pierce.

snoopmogg  •  23 minutes ago

In a full PPR superflex who do I start in superflex? Browning Minshew Derrick Henry Saquon Barkley

dess  •  25 minutes ago

Lamar or purdy? Kupp or JSN?

TuggerNutts  •  29 minutes ago

Hold Spears, or pick up one of CEH or McKinnon?