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rudy60  •  2 months ago

What to do with Darren Walker. Hold or drop him for Jake Ferguson or Hunter Henry ppr redraft thanks.

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NickCant50 2 months ago

I have Henry and Waller. It's frustrating sitting Henry and watching Waller do what he just did on TNF. They keep blaming Daniel Jones, but Waller didn't look great in my opinion

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CheeseburgerWalrus1 2 months ago

@rudy60 hold him but roster Henry 1009% and start him

JoshAllensWife 2 months ago

Pick up henry and start him, sit waller

sPecss 2 months ago

Yup what everybody else suggested.

jcwashburn  •  9 minutes ago

Please help!!! Must win to remain in playoffs!!Who starts? Torn on matchups 1 QB (Hurts vs Dallas or Love vs NYG) 2 RB (Gibbs/Javonte/Moss/Khalil/Chandler) 2 WR (Aj brown, Nico, DK, Jakobi, Zay Jones, Parker Washington, Johnathan Mingo, Jalen Hyatt) 2 Flex

adj23  •  15 minutes ago

Never thought I’d be asking this… Russell Wilson or Lamar Jackson in the wind and rain. Must win game

DumpTrunk  •  15 minutes ago

Flex- PPR- choose 1: Higgins James Cook Breece Hall

snoopmogg  •  24 minutes ago

Full PPR pick 2 RBs: Henry Mostert Barkley

patskid6rings  •  25 minutes ago

Add Chig Okonkwo or another streamer. I have Waller on IR and McBride on bye added Taysom Hill but he’s questionable. If I win I’m in so I need a TE’s help.

dlthomas44  •  25 minutes ago

Dobbs or Minshew

RishiJethva  •  30 minutes ago

Half ppr Flex spot Taysom hill, James cook, CEH, or Jayden reed

aidsdilla  •  31 minutes ago

If Noah brown is active, do I start him or Clyde Edward’s helaire?