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Livi  •  1 month ago

“Jets' QB Joe Flacco said he won't be ready for the regular-season opener after off-season neck surgery:

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Livi 1 month ago

Still don’t understand this signing

KimJongUn111 1 month ago

I just had neck surgery... on my dick

BoltUp 1 month ago

Choking can actually be a neck injury

CallMeChamp 1 month ago

My fantasy season is already over

MusicMan5 1 month ago

What a loser.

BoltUp 1 month ago

But hey, the last time the Jets had a QB named Joe, they won the Super Bowl, so there’s that

DjPotigrow 1 month ago

@UncleRicoJr3rd lol, Flacco is making 1.5 million dollars to hold a clip board next year. That’s if a season is even played this year. The jets don’t plan on Flacco playing a single second this season. But if he does happens to play, He is a much better option than Morgan or Fales. Flacco resigned to a team that plays in his home state coming off neck surgery and announced he won’t be ready for week one. The jets do not expect much out of him. He is most likely contemplating what his future holds at this point.

Livi 1 month ago

James Morgan baby!

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Kingdonk 1 month ago

Agreed he might just be 1 level of suck better than Falk, poor jets fans dint want to see Joe Sucko in a game

gggggggggd 1 month ago

@DjPotigrow not a fan of the signing since he’s hurt. Why sign a one year deal on him for a backup spot if he’s not even available to play

Costellburn 1 month ago

Lol who the fuck cares

csereda12 1 month ago

Useless just retire

Surge247 1 month ago

Hes gonna teach Darnold how to spot clean hookers so he doesnt get mono again....

supremelink 1 month ago

He isn't ready to play even when he is healthy

TrumpsMember 1 month ago

This dude is a buster. Who the fuck keeps signing him

ProphetHus  •  10 hours ago

“With @FieldYates, reporting significant salary-cap news for Patriots: Settlements in compensation grievances with Antonio Brown ($4 million to team) and Aaron Hernandez ($2.55 million to team) have created space for the club. The Patriots' current cap space is $7.79 million.”

ProphetHus  •  12 hours ago

“Leading Targeted WRs 2019 1 MT 11.6 2 Adams 10.6 3 Julio 10.5 4 Arob 9.6 5 Edelman 9.6 6 Hopkins 9.4 7 Woods 9.3 8 Boyd 9.3 9 KA 9.3 10 DJ 9.0 11 Landry 8.6 12 Godwin 8.6 13 Kupp 8.4 14 Odell 8.3 T Kirk 8.3 T Shep 8.3 👀 15 Gallup 8.1”

ProphetHus  •  12 hours ago

“#Patriots TE Devin Asiasi joins Cam Newton, N'Keal Harry for workouts | NBC Sports Boston”

Livi  •  1 day ago

“The #Chiefs are bringing back veteran QB Matt Moore on a 1-year deal, per @TerezPaylor. Moore started two games last season, completing 65% of his passes and throwing 4 TDs and 0 INTs.”

Livi  •  3 days ago

“#49ers RB Raheem Mostert has requested a trade.”

Livi  •  4 days ago

“Crux of the dispute: - Joint medical committee recommended 48-day camp, shorter preseason - NFL asked players to report earlier than CBA allows to fit calendar; NFLPA said no - NFL still wants 2 preseason games - NFLPA still wants 48-day camp, views preseason as needless risk”

Livi  •  5 days ago

“From Patrick Mahomes' agents @SteinbergSports: In total, it's a 10-year extension worth $503M, making him the first half billion dollar player in sports history. Also includes no-trade clause. $477M in guarantee mechanisms and ability to have outs if mechanisms aren’t exercised.”

ProphetHus  •  5 days ago

“Teez Tabor suffered a Jones fracture while participating in a virtual workout and already had surgery, source said. On track to be ready to play, for someone, before Week 1.”