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KB844  •  6 months ago

“The #Jaguars agreed to terms with former #Bengals TE Tyler Eifert on a two-year deal, source said.”

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OldGuysRule 6 months ago

My Jags already have the number 1 draft pick in the 2021 draft locked up, and we haven’t even held the 2020 drat yet. 🤬😡🥵

kingLeon25 6 months ago

Hurt my back opening this notification.

Adler220 6 months ago

Good for him, at least when he’s hurt he can rest somewhere on the beach

Surge247 6 months ago

What do y’all think they will do with Josh Oliver? Jags drafted him high, so makes me wonder how bad his injury is 🤔

mgiovinco 6 months ago

Just got word hes on IR for the year. when attempting to sign the contract he Dislocated every finger and his pinky toe somehow

JollyGypsy 6 months ago

Says the Lions fan

dbarz 6 months ago

I don’t think some of the new guys get it yet, but if you only started watching the nfl recently or plahing fantasy. Football is an immensely damaging sport to the body. Some people have good luck, good genetics, or excellent workouts that prevent a majority of injuries. Sure guys get banged up, but when it’s habitual, their body may not be cut out for the nfl, or it may not be physically able to handle the game as it once was.

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dbarz 6 months ago

Bo Jackson played what 2-3 seasons before his hip was done. Than you have gore who is 87 still playing.

dbarz 6 months ago

Eifert May stay healthy, but I’m not gonna bank on it. I’d say he’s a bench stash in a deep league.

dbarz 6 months ago

Besides I’m not sure I want anyone but fournette from the jags.

dbarz 6 months ago

Maybe chark? Lol

dbarz 6 months ago

Who knows maybe the mustached hippie will get r done.

jonernest 6 months ago

iFart and 4net can be injury bench buddies, social media hilarity will ensue. Good call Jag offs

maziac1980 6 months ago

What a lucky dude - he gets paid for a two year contract to play for probably 3 weeks max until one of his glass parts shatters again.

Livi  •  2 hours ago

“Sources: #Chargers CB Chris Harris Jr suffered a foot injury in the team’s loss to the #Panthers that is expected to keep him out at least a month and potentially 6 weeks. Another brutal injury for the LAC secondary, but Harris will be back this season.”

SleeperBot  •  3 hours ago

Mecole Hardman (KC-WR) now has 16.4 fantasy points in PPR (13.4 standard), outperforming his projection by 11.47 points with 1:54 remaining in the 2 quarter

feiyingx  •  6 hours ago

“Sammy Watkins (concussion) cleared to play on MNF”

feiyingx  •  6 hours ago

“#49ers Kyle Shanahan: Jordan Reed, knee sprain, short-term IR”

feiyingx  •  8 hours ago

“Gruden 'concerned' about Ruggs (hamstring) injury”

feiyingx  •  11 hours ago

“Bears officially move Tarik Cohen (torn ACL) to IR”

akahotcheetos  •  12 hours ago

“Nick Foles will start Sunday vs the #Colts, Matt Nagy says.”

Stugotz790  •  12 hours ago

“Chris Godwin getting MRI on hamstring”