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Livi  •  6 months ago

“Jets sign Breshad Perriman as Anderson replacement”

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affliction504 6 months ago

Good signing

YouMustGetR3kt 6 months ago

Antonio Brown to fill in for Perriman in Tampa Bay.

DjPotigrow 6 months ago

Crowder is the best wr the jets have. He actually played very well last year

DeesKnees 6 months ago

1. Get Trent Williams 2. Draft Jeudy or Lamb 3. Please stop keeping me on the IR with a broken heart

WhiteSauce 6 months ago

Being a fan of a team can suck sometimes you literally have no say in anything

joerod 6 months ago

Let’s hope whatever rookie wr they draft is a stud 🤞

DjPotigrow 6 months ago

Gettleman is a “dumpster fire” and has done nothing to have that job. The GM definitely should be working directly with the analytics department. “Computer folks” are running programs all across sports platforms. The giants didn’t fire him because he beat cancer and they felt bad. He stinks, I also root for the giants and all my local teams but giants fans make it hard. Y’all are arrogant, worry about the knicks and that dumpster fire of a franchise.

Nocco 6 months ago

The jets are a dumpster fire you think Gettleman has anything to do with the analytics dept. Who cares if he is old school, so was Tommy. That statement is irrelevant as can be.

DjPotigrow 6 months ago

Lol. The giants GM refers to the analytics department as computer folk. It actually does make sense to let Robby go because he wasn’t anything spectacular. The new GM has been a lot better than the old one and the guy is only one FA into the game. Let him draft and build a team

krissmay17 6 months ago

CMC and Kamara will reset the market again

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EzekialBroseph 6 months ago

This is a Sneaky signing

jerseyguys 6 months ago

Jets need a HC

Freddykeuger30 6 months ago

Damn jets signed Perriman and Anderson now all they need is a head coach

Freddykeuger30 6 months ago

Hell Yeah The Jets need a Head coach

ACMach12 6 months ago

@Freddykeuger30 sorry to break it to you the Jets didn’t sign Anderson

Welker83 6 months ago

*as Anderson upgrade ;)

MrKopra 6 months ago

San Darnold is a great qb. This addition and subtraction of pieces will definitely compliment him more and let him show off what he can do a lil more. Bought a 40$ psa 10 last month watch what happens🥴

Livi  •  1 hour ago

“Sources: #Chargers CB Chris Harris Jr suffered a foot injury in the team’s loss to the #Panthers that is expected to keep him out at least a month and potentially 6 weeks. Another brutal injury for the LAC secondary, but Harris will be back this season.”

SleeperBot  •  3 hours ago

Mecole Hardman (KC-WR) now has 16.4 fantasy points in PPR (13.4 standard), outperforming his projection by 11.47 points with 1:54 remaining in the 2 quarter

feiyingx  •  5 hours ago

“Sammy Watkins (concussion) cleared to play on MNF”

feiyingx  •  6 hours ago

“#49ers Kyle Shanahan: Jordan Reed, knee sprain, short-term IR”

feiyingx  •  8 hours ago

“Gruden 'concerned' about Ruggs (hamstring) injury”

feiyingx  •  10 hours ago

“Bears officially move Tarik Cohen (torn ACL) to IR”

akahotcheetos  •  11 hours ago

“Nick Foles will start Sunday vs the #Colts, Matt Nagy says.”

Stugotz790  •  12 hours ago

“Chris Godwin getting MRI on hamstring”