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Livi  •  6 months ago

“Former XFL QB Jordan Ta'amu is signing with the #Chiefs, per agent @kenny_zuckerman.”

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2020DTrump 6 months ago

Rip mahomes

Grandes 6 months ago

In a world where major league lacrosse has existed for 20 years, why can’t this football league?

Ogun 6 months ago

XFL ended up being a net positive for these guys. Looking forward to more success from the league

Grandes 6 months ago

I don’t watch NCAA for the specific players, except for the good ones who will end up in the NFL. I watch NCAA for the football.. personally I could see how someone could take out “NCAA” in that sentence and replace it with “XFL”

hazzysammy 6 months ago

BREAKING: He’s the starting QB for 2020 (Source: Bill O’Brien)

Lets_Cook 6 months ago

Hey guys. Need an opinion if im insane for not already smashing accept on this trade. I would give up DJ Moore in exchange for Mclauren, the 1.09, 2.03 and 2.05. My other wr are Davante, Godwin, Lockett, Landry and Cooks. I obviously take the deal right???

Shayner 6 months ago

Its all about money for any XFL player, but that’s not going to help the league who needs to increase merchandise, ticket sakes and advertising sales enough to keep the league in business. The business model doesn’t work.

vSyke 6 months ago

@Bren1117 I’m 99% sure that’s Jordan Lewis. CB for the Cowboys.

Shayner 6 months ago

They do not have huge advertising deals! They are minimal. The goal of broadcasting games is to make money doing it, not to be able to do it for free. What about their model are you so fond of? Too much of anything is saturation. That's what the XFL is. The game hardly sells itself. Look at the attendance and the TV ratings. Outside of St Louis, they went down every week.

Bren1117 6 months ago

@Shayner fair enough, but McMahon already has 3 years of funds set aside so it'll last at least that long. Then it'll all come down to what kind of TV deals they can get, which won't be as much as the NCAA gets, but it won't have to be. Only time will tell.

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Laczilla 6 months ago

The NFL & AFL were failing til they got their non-profit designation in the 60s. The XFL is gonna be fine, their model is better than any league has set up. They have free local & cable broadcasting for every game for 3 yrs. They have huge advert deals, & the player contracts are very well set. Don't do too much, bring enough drama, & the game sells itself

Laczilla 6 months ago

The goal of broadcasting is to get your product in front of the consumer, secondary is gaining profits from the broadcasting. Fox & ESPN are footing the bill for the broadcast while holding majority of advert rights to the programming & the XFL has huge deals in place for stadium adverts & other advert deals. Almost no business makes money in its first year. It'll take time to see a leveling off, there's always a huge bump when something new shows up. We're locked in to another 2yrs, it'll interesting to see how they spin their 1st season going into the 2nd

Shayner 6 months ago

What are these huge advertising deals that you're speaking of? How do you know what their sponsors are spending? Do you have any clue how much it costs to rent and staff a stadium? You're right about broadcasting goals and having to start somewhere in addition to new businesses starting slow, but attendance and television ratings went down every week (outside of St Louis) which isn’t a good trend to set as your first year of business unfolds. It’ll be interesting to see what the next few years look like, but it appears to be trending towards another attempt at a football league that won’t make it. They really need to get better QBs too. Outside of the two who just jumped to the NFL, QB play was bad.

splitty22 6 months ago

docking party

GreenKN 6 months ago


TLuck1105 6 months ago

Congrats to the young man...

smurphy98844 6 months ago

@Lets_Cook yes, Moore will probably do great this year, but the draft picks are what clinch it.

Livi  •  21 minutes ago

“Sources: #Chargers CB Chris Harris Jr suffered a foot injury in the team’s loss to the #Panthers that is expected to keep him out at least a month and potentially 6 weeks. Another brutal injury for the LAC secondary, but Harris will be back this season.”

SleeperBot  •  1 hour ago

Mecole Hardman (KC-WR) now has 16.4 fantasy points in PPR (13.4 standard), outperforming his projection by 11.47 points with 1:54 remaining in the 2 quarter

feiyingx  •  4 hours ago

“Sammy Watkins (concussion) cleared to play on MNF”

feiyingx  •  4 hours ago

“#49ers Kyle Shanahan: Jordan Reed, knee sprain, short-term IR”

feiyingx  •  6 hours ago

“Gruden 'concerned' about Ruggs (hamstring) injury”

feiyingx  •  9 hours ago

“Bears officially move Tarik Cohen (torn ACL) to IR”

akahotcheetos  •  10 hours ago

“Nick Foles will start Sunday vs the #Colts, Matt Nagy says.”

Stugotz790  •  10 hours ago

“Chris Godwin getting MRI on hamstring”