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Livi  •  11 days ago

“The Houston Texans are not hiring a general manager for the 2019 season and instead will divvy up those responsibilities amongst existing front-office members such as Matt Bazirgan, James Liipfert, Chris Olsen and Jack Easterby, per league sources. But no GM in 2019 for Houston.”

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Jehovah 11 days ago

First, we make zero moves to pick up meaningful free agents. Then, with all the cap space a team could ever want, we can't get Clowney paid. Now, we decide we don't need a GM at all. What's really going on? Is there some type of award for team that spends the least amount of money?

nimrod4205 10 days ago

They've got their target for next year now that the Patriots have threatened tampering charges. Just gonna wait it out I guess. 🤷‍♂️

EmbraceTheSuck 9 days ago


McCaffinator 10 days ago

Josh Jacobs is not an easy prospect to evaluate. For most NFL scouts and self-styled NFL Draft analysts on the internet, he is either the best running back in the 2019 NFL draft class or at least in the conversation. I have a distinct feeling that there will be more running backs like Josh Jacobs in the future who have limited college production but are highly drafted based on what they put on “tape”. Alvin Kamara and his massive success in New Orleans is definitely funding the hype behind Jacobs. Kamara had only 284 college touches for 1,977 yards and 23 touchdowns while splitting work with future Baylor wide receiver Jaylen Hurd.

Jehovah 11 days ago

Yea. Y'all do that. Avoid Hopkins like the plague. That's a great idea.

scottyguy401 10 days ago

GM commitee. I like it.

dkj 11 days ago

Think I'm passing on all Texans this season

Jehovah 10 days ago

I bet Hopkins does return his adp value regardless. Players are going to play, and Hopkins is bonafide.

user00100000 10 days ago

Yeah definitely avoid him like a plague - signed, pick 9+

beyourself13 11 days ago


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AboutTreeFiddy 10 days ago

jets could really use that right now

twistedroots 10 days ago

@YouMustGetR3kt ...Yea...Peter, I’m gonna need you to come in on Sunday and finish those TPS reports...

DoctorLark 10 days ago

Failure to understand sarcasm is unfortunate @Jehovah

moongoat 10 days ago

But are they accepting applications?

KFPowers 10 days ago

We have a major league situation here. Trying to move the team to Florida. Seriously though- this is crazy. What it must be is that O'Brien is going to the defacto GM and consolidate power ala Belichick. Now this might just work.....

Boboddy 9 days ago

The best ships set sail with no captain

falconpunch29 9 days ago

Nobody cares

Livi  •  1 hour ago

“Montgomery to see plenty of preseason carries”

Livi  •  2 hours ago

“DeAndre Hopkins beginning camp on PUP list”

ProphetHus  •  2 hours ago

“RB Sony Michel (knee) and WR Demaryius Thomas (Achilles) are opening camp on the active/physically unable to perform list, per @FieldYates. This means they haven't been cleared for on-field drills. They can come off the PUP list at any time. (1/2)”

Livi  •  3 hours ago

“#Falcons WR Julio Jones said he was going to show up to camp on time, despite not having a long-term extension. And he has, in fact, arrived. It may be a little while for the contract though.”

Livi  •  6 hours ago

“Bunch of #Broncos nuggets on this week’s Audible from @CecilLammey. Sixth-round WR Juwann Winfree has turned heads. Expectation continues to be Phillip Lindsay & Royce Freeman will form near-even split:”

Livi  •  2 days ago

“#Eagles have agreed to terms with RB Darren Sproles on a one-year contract.”

feiyingx  •  2 days ago

“With training camp less than a week away, the Packers are back at the 90-man roster limit after signing rookie WR Malik Taylor (6-3, 220) of Ferris State University. He was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by the Buccaneers.”

ProphetHus  •  2 days ago

“Fangio on Lock: 'He's not a quarterback yet'”