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feiyingx  •  13 days ago

“Bengals' Carl Lawson says Aaron Rodgers is easy to sack”

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JorshGordon 13 days ago

So is your mom

doebeats 13 days ago

How is this news?

mreidy288 13 days ago

Well the Bengals are easy to beat sooooo.....

wakeupjacob 12 days ago

Ya but how can pack fans say 28-3 jokes? Aaron Rodgers hasn’t been to a Super Bowl since Obama’s first term. It’s gonna be 10 years this yr....the guy has a losing record in the nfc championship.. He needs to nut up or shut up this yr.

jns6971 12 days ago

I heard Falcons medical staff has a heimlich professional, cause all they do is choke!

getmadboy 13 days ago

Talking shit about a QB you wont play this year haha

Jabba 13 days ago

Remember when the seahawks had fans before they won?

user00100000 12 days ago

I think Khalil Mack would “like” this post

RodgersIsOverrated 12 days ago

Did he also mention how overrated Aaron is?

lastactionhero7 12 days ago

With the talent Arod has, its hard not to look at his career with some level of regret. He won one. Thats an amazing accomplishment. But the fact that Eli has been to more superbowls than he has is sad.

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KerryM 12 days ago

Last few years, Rodgers has been protecting himself from injuries, so he hasn't run as much, but there are few better than Rodgers when it comes to pocket awareness. He stays in the pocket, but moves slightly. I don't think you could say Rodgers just sits in the pocket and is unaware the rush and you can catch him holding the ball too long. Last year, Rodgers had to hold the ball a little more last year since he was working with a relatively young receiving corps.

TotalCool 12 days ago

@KerryM in the meantime he was hit 102 times and brees was hit about half that. If Rodgers wants to survive this season something protection wise needs to change.

ElronSwoope 12 days ago

ACLs are easy to tear

ACERS 9 days ago

The last few years have been clues to the beginning of the end for Erin. She can still fling it when not harassed, but she tends to wait too long for the 2nd oe 3rd optoon after Adams. She may get better, but the packers oline is usually in the Top 10, so she will have to get better. Or, she'll end up battered, briised, and out of the playoffs again. That will make her angry.

KerryM 8 days ago

Funny coming from a Vikings fan with the female references with the history of bitch quarterbacks and o-linemen they have had. Vikings haven't had a real man at QB since Cunningham and Culpepper.

dranger7 7 days ago

@KerryM favre did pretty good tho

KerryM 3 days ago

I forgot about Favre. Good point! Being a Packers fan I probably just blocked that out when looking back. He almost got them back to a SB...almost.

Livi  •  2 hours ago

“Montgomery to see plenty of preseason carries”

Livi  •  3 hours ago

“DeAndre Hopkins beginning camp on PUP list”

ProphetHus  •  3 hours ago

“RB Sony Michel (knee) and WR Demaryius Thomas (Achilles) are opening camp on the active/physically unable to perform list, per @FieldYates. This means they haven't been cleared for on-field drills. They can come off the PUP list at any time. (1/2)”

Livi  •  4 hours ago

“#Falcons WR Julio Jones said he was going to show up to camp on time, despite not having a long-term extension. And he has, in fact, arrived. It may be a little while for the contract though.”

Livi  •  7 hours ago

“Bunch of #Broncos nuggets on this week’s Audible from @CecilLammey. Sixth-round WR Juwann Winfree has turned heads. Expectation continues to be Phillip Lindsay & Royce Freeman will form near-even split:”

Livi  •  2 days ago

“#Eagles have agreed to terms with RB Darren Sproles on a one-year contract.”

feiyingx  •  2 days ago

“With training camp less than a week away, the Packers are back at the 90-man roster limit after signing rookie WR Malik Taylor (6-3, 220) of Ferris State University. He was originally signed as an undrafted free agent by the Buccaneers.”

ProphetHus  •  2 days ago

“Fangio on Lock: 'He's not a quarterback yet'”