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Livi  •  1 year ago

“"For the first time in his career, it appears that (#Giants QB Eli) Manning could face an open competition from No. 6 overall pick Daniel Jones for his starting job." Via @MattLombardoNFL:”

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Mason76 1 year ago

I wish all the best to Daniel Jones, but I have this funny feeling that Haskins is gonna make Gettleman look even more inept for the next 15 years

nightclaw 1 year ago

That Competition is like being in kindergarten and seeing who can make the best art with dry noodles.

14thShip 1 year ago

Imagine the look he’ll have on his face when Gabe from the Office takes over as starting QB. It’ll be the same stupid facial expression he always has 🥴

pizzlefunk 1 year ago

It’s like Eli isn’t that good of a QB or something...

beargrylls89 1 year ago

Old Eli vs young Eli

rlterry1 1 year ago

With the distractions and divisiveness of Beckham gone, Manning should have a banner year. The guy is bound for the HOF.

maxx3412 1 year ago

Kill me now.

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Mke 1 year ago

Was Eli better when OBJ was injured? Because I must have missed those games....

rlterry1 1 year ago

@Mke Eli won two Super Bowls without Beckham

Mke 1 year ago

10 years ago...

Mke 1 year ago

Look, I own Barkley, And Engram, I hope your right about Eli...But he sure hasn’t passed the eye test the last 2 years....

FFgr8 1 year ago

If they start that kid in Dallas week 1 it's not going to be pretty.

Primed 1 year ago

the kid was developed by Coach Cut, the same dude who coached payton at tn and eli at ole miss, whom they went/still go to in the offseason to work on technique, etc.... theres the big reason why the giants wanted jones

GMen442 1 year ago

The Giants are going to win the NFC East

ProphetHus  •  11 hours ago

“With @FieldYates, reporting significant salary-cap news for Patriots: Settlements in compensation grievances with Antonio Brown ($4 million to team) and Aaron Hernandez ($2.55 million to team) have created space for the club. The Patriots' current cap space is $7.79 million.”

ProphetHus  •  13 hours ago

“Leading Targeted WRs 2019 1 MT 11.6 2 Adams 10.6 3 Julio 10.5 4 Arob 9.6 5 Edelman 9.6 6 Hopkins 9.4 7 Woods 9.3 8 Boyd 9.3 9 KA 9.3 10 DJ 9.0 11 Landry 8.6 12 Godwin 8.6 13 Kupp 8.4 14 Odell 8.3 T Kirk 8.3 T Shep 8.3 👀 15 Gallup 8.1”

ProphetHus  •  13 hours ago

“#Patriots TE Devin Asiasi joins Cam Newton, N'Keal Harry for workouts | NBC Sports Boston”

Livi  •  1 day ago

“The #Chiefs are bringing back veteran QB Matt Moore on a 1-year deal, per @TerezPaylor. Moore started two games last season, completing 65% of his passes and throwing 4 TDs and 0 INTs.”

Livi  •  3 days ago

“#49ers RB Raheem Mostert has requested a trade.”

Livi  •  4 days ago

“Crux of the dispute: - Joint medical committee recommended 48-day camp, shorter preseason - NFL asked players to report earlier than CBA allows to fit calendar; NFLPA said no - NFL still wants 2 preseason games - NFLPA still wants 48-day camp, views preseason as needless risk”

Livi  •  5 days ago

“From Patrick Mahomes' agents @SteinbergSports: In total, it's a 10-year extension worth $503M, making him the first half billion dollar player in sports history. Also includes no-trade clause. $477M in guarantee mechanisms and ability to have outs if mechanisms aren’t exercised.”

ProphetHus  •  5 days ago

“Teez Tabor suffered a Jones fracture while participating in a virtual workout and already had surgery, source said. On track to be ready to play, for someone, before Week 1.”