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Livi  •  6 months ago

“NFL wants April draft to go on as scheduled despite GMs' recommendation today to push it back, per @diannaESPN and me.”

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Pot8odragon 6 months ago

We don’t need the live event with the players coming to stage! I care about who gets chosen and what it means for fantasy. Couldn’t care less about a big live event

skatez0117 6 months ago

America need NFL

Bren1117 6 months ago

My honest quarantine-draft dream would be a live stream from the war rooms where the GM has to spend the 5 minutes after their pick before the next one is submitted justifying the pick yo the fans.

EzekialBroseph 6 months ago

Honestly a live streamed interactive draft from each war room would be so bad ass for us die hard fans

Akira 6 months ago

Please dont delay the draft. It was never meant to have a live audience anyway.

alexguy 6 months ago

Just live stream all teams making picks from their war rooms

splitty22 6 months ago

I agree with most of you neckbeards.. no one gives a shit about the draft being live with a bunch of pigs in their dorito dust screaming when their team drafts the wrong player

Javvz 6 months ago

They could make something really cool and innovative via Twitch or YouTube. The draft can be 100% adapted to social distancing measures.

dbarz 6 months ago

You better draft as schedule

GREENnG0LD 6 months ago

Now that I’ve finished Tiger King on Netflix there really isn’t much else to live for right now 🐅

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dbarz 6 months ago

This is gonna be a documentary in a few years. Not even kidding.

IrritatedTomcat 6 months ago

Well said @Akira

jhunterle 6 months ago

The Asian Delegation selects...the RZA...the GZA...the Ghostface Killah...THE WU TANG CLAN

BadPersona 6 months ago

I really don’t understand the people who class the continuation of the NFL off season as a problem. Actually the NFL is giving us something to focus on when there is so little else. So long as everybody can maintain their health and home status generally, bravo. National round of applause tonight at 8pm for NFL 👏

TheProctologist 6 months ago

If the NFL wants to line their pockets give us access to the war rooms.

BadPersona 6 months ago

They will be empty 😄

BadPersona 6 months ago

War rooms- home offices

Livi  •  2 hours ago

“Sources: #Chargers CB Chris Harris Jr suffered a foot injury in the team’s loss to the #Panthers that is expected to keep him out at least a month and potentially 6 weeks. Another brutal injury for the LAC secondary, but Harris will be back this season.”

SleeperBot  •  3 hours ago

Mecole Hardman (KC-WR) now has 16.4 fantasy points in PPR (13.4 standard), outperforming his projection by 11.47 points with 1:54 remaining in the 2 quarter

feiyingx  •  6 hours ago

“Sammy Watkins (concussion) cleared to play on MNF”

feiyingx  •  6 hours ago

“#49ers Kyle Shanahan: Jordan Reed, knee sprain, short-term IR”

feiyingx  •  8 hours ago

“Gruden 'concerned' about Ruggs (hamstring) injury”

feiyingx  •  10 hours ago

“Bears officially move Tarik Cohen (torn ACL) to IR”

akahotcheetos  •  12 hours ago

“Nick Foles will start Sunday vs the #Colts, Matt Nagy says.”

Stugotz790  •  12 hours ago

“Chris Godwin getting MRI on hamstring”