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SleeperBot  •  6 months ago

Duke Johnson (HOU-RB) now has 18.7 fantasy points in PPR (13.7 standard), outperforming his projection by 10.32 points with 13:36 remaining in the 4 quarter

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SleeperBot 6 months ago

Sleeper Alerts trigger when a player that's available in most leagues outperforms their projections by more than 10 points. #DukeJohnson-NFL-HOU-25

YouMustGetR3kt 6 months ago

Duke Johnson Jr is a better running back than Carlos Hyde's bum ass.

zuidpool 6 months ago

Mu opponent has Hyde and needs 0.4 more pts to kick me out of the playoffs. Why is duke getting the ball instead of Hyde? Can’t watch game

billsnation82 6 months ago

Wtf is that a td pass for Hopkins

MaddensAutopsy 6 months ago

Sleeper Bot slept on James White YOURE FIRED

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FantasyPhenom28 6 months ago

Aaron Jones, CMC, Eagles Defense, Maher, Adam Thelin out, so I started Watkins 🤢 Dj Chark. Couldn’t even string 100 points together 😂😂😭

ijustmadethisup 6 months ago

@FantasyPhenom28 eagles defense burned me too. W t f. Against Miami?? 😵

FantasyPhenom28 6 months ago

@ijustmadethisup and I’m a die hard eagles fan too, it’s an ugly atmosphere in Philly today lol, but the dolphins are like “fuck it, let’s just play like no ones watching” lmao

CoMr818 6 months ago

Start Sam Darnold or Ryan Fitzpatrick?

Barkleyslegday 6 months ago


JollyGypsy 6 months ago

Right after I dropped him, nice.

HolyCrapernick 5 months ago

I drafted him...then Hyde came along...

Livi  •  2 days ago

“Apple lands with Panthers two months after LV deal”

ProphetHus  •  2 days ago

“NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell says he’s hopeful the NFL can bring coaches back into their facilities as early as next week. The league is also extending the virtual offseason by two weeks. But preparing for an on-time regular season (and adjusting if necessary).”

ProphetHus  •  2 days ago

“Just to put out a fire: Bucs have not made any contract offer to free-agent running back Devonta Freeman, as has been reported.”

ProphetHus  •  2 days ago

“Gardner Minshew says he's been going hard 6 days a week since the Super Bowl. Wants to improve his arm strength yet maintain his speed/quickness. Thinks it's going well. #Jaguars @nflnetwork @NFLMedia”

Livi  •  2 days ago

“The #Bucs and #Eagles have made contract offers to former #Falcons RB Devonta Freeman, per @Jeff_McLane. Philadelphia also has interest in a LeSean McCoy reunion, but no offer has been made.”

ProphetHus  •  3 days ago

“Diontae Johnson says he’s working on his timing and building a bond with Ben Roethlisberger. Said he may go workout with Ben next week.”

Livi  •  4 days ago

“Jets' QB Joe Flacco said he won't be ready for the regular-season opener after off-season neck surgery:

ProphetHus  •  4 days ago

“Expecting #Colts 3-WR set to be made up of T.Y. Hilton & Michael Pittman outside with Parris Campbell in slot.”