The Official Fantasy
Game of the LCS

Draft your team of pro LCS players and coach them to victory on the #1 fantasy esports game.

Pick and Bans

  • Pick and ban champions every week
  • Correct picks give your players bonuses

In-app chat

  • Enjoy modern chat for your league

Easy Research

  • In-depth pick and ban statistics let you focus on strategy, not research

Live Scoring

  • Follow along with the fastest scores, straight from the official source.

Draft Features

  • Start your draft any time
  • Snake, linear, or 3rd round reversal drafts


  • Change pick / ban multipliers
  • Customize scoring for every stat
Fantasy LCS on Sleeper
Fantasy LCS on Sleeper
How To Play Fantasy LCS
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Fantasy LCS
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The Pick and Ban system makes gameplay balanced

The Pick and Ban system makes gameplay balanced

Sleeper is the only fantasy platform that supports Champion Picks and Bans.
"I like sleeper a lot. Clean platform, good servers, great features. It’s just everything I could want." - Caluak
"I played Fantasy LCS on Sleeper during Summer 2020, before it was official. It was a lot of fun and I was already planning to do it again." - rsadagopal
"I'm actually finding more fun with Sleeper not only because of picks and bans but also it is so much less complex." - sodlosz

Play with over 100,000 players on the #1 fantasy esports platform.

Sleeper App Sleeper App
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Pick and ban game mode check
Voice and Text Chat check
Ad-Free check check
Scoring: CS Diff at 15 check
Scoring: Kills, Deaths, and Assists check check
Scoring: Elemental and Elder Drake check
Scoring: Towers check check
Draft: 3rd round reversal option check
Free Agency check check
Waivers check
Push Notifications check check
Available on Mobile and Web check
Weekly League Reports check
Gifs and Reactions check
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