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akahotcheetos  •  6 months ago

“Stefon Diggs says he had the flu. “I’m back though.””

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whitepants 6 months ago

He wanted to catch something so badly that game that afterwards he ran around outside with a wet head and licked strangers right on the face.

BGTHEGOAT 6 months ago

“I’m back though.”

JollyGypsy 6 months ago

Stefon has lingering flu symptoms and Thielen hurt his ankle. Not lookin too good for the Vikes

kmaz 6 months ago

Seemed to be healthy enough to bitch about not getting the ball last week

CommonTac 6 months ago

I got the flu the hell you're good so fast

YouMustGetR3kt 6 months ago

Best performances often come during times of illness. Watch for him to fucking dominate.

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SkullRaider 6 months ago

He barely got the ball this season anyway.

NinerOptimist 6 months ago

Caught the flu.

NinerOptimist 6 months ago

Depends on which one he caught. There's a flu out here that'll put you out like 4-5 days with fevers

tanklin 6 months ago

So it wasn’t the flu

jonernest 6 months ago

But how’s Stefon feeling?!?!?

burilzord1 6 months ago

Ready to be a diva again

drewboy1 6 months ago

Haha Niners! Shut that ass down

Livi  •  8 hours ago

“The #Chiefs are bringing back veteran QB Matt Moore on a 1-year deal, per @TerezPaylor. Moore started two games last season, completing 65% of his passes and throwing 4 TDs and 0 INTs.”

Livi  •  2 days ago

“#49ers RB Raheem Mostert has requested a trade.”

Livi  •  3 days ago

“Crux of the dispute: - Joint medical committee recommended 48-day camp, shorter preseason - NFL asked players to report earlier than CBA allows to fit calendar; NFLPA said no - NFL still wants 2 preseason games - NFLPA still wants 48-day camp, views preseason as needless risk”

Livi  •  4 days ago

“From Patrick Mahomes' agents @SteinbergSports: In total, it's a 10-year extension worth $503M, making him the first half billion dollar player in sports history. Also includes no-trade clause. $477M in guarantee mechanisms and ability to have outs if mechanisms aren’t exercised.”

ProphetHus  •  4 days ago

“Teez Tabor suffered a Jones fracture while participating in a virtual workout and already had surgery, source said. On track to be ready to play, for someone, before Week 1.”

Livi  •  4 days ago

“San Francisco 49ers signed former Dolphins’ CB Jamar Taylor to a one-year deal and waived/Non-Football Injury CB Teez Tabor.”

Livi  •  4 days ago

“Report: Gase wanted Jets to trade S Marcus Maye”

Livi  •  5 days ago

“Chiefs RBs coach expects 'big jump' for Williams”