Sleeper is looking for free agents to sign

Sleeper is hiring designers & engineers to help build a messaging platform for sports fans.
Our goal for this page is to be clear about what we value at our company.
We are looking for people who share smilar values.

Product Designer

Sleeper is a design-led company. We start with the customer experience, and use technology to meet their needs.

As a product designer, you will own the end-to-end experience across our web, desktop, iOS, and Android apps.

Our main requirement is that you have a killer portfolio. Bonus if you are an avid sports fan.

Years of experience in established companies doesn’t matter. If you have talent, we’ll help you reach your full potential.

Bonus for skills in Framer or other interaction tools.

Software Engineer - Mobile

If you're a sports fan with skills in mobile engineering, you won’t find a better team to work with.

We talk sports over lunch and then ship software where we get to watch other people talk sports.

Our main requirement is that you have the ability to bend user interfaces to your will and make complex interactions feel natural to the end user.

Technologies we use include react, react-native, and graphql, although prior experience with this stack is not a pre-requisite for this role.

Bonus for skills in Obj-C, Swift, or Java.

Software Engineer - Backend

Our messaging platform powers conversations between friends and groups around sports.

If you are interested in solving complex problems in messaging and are also a sports fan, this might be a good fit.

Our main requirement is that you’ve built something impressive on your own, and you understand how pieces fit together in a distributed system.

Our backend is built in Elixir and Cassandra, but we don’t require knowledge of either to start.

We value most the ability to learn and rapidly execute.

Please email [email protected] with resume and link to the work you are most proud of.