It's time to ditch ESPN & Yahoo!

Finally, a fantasy football platform with superior design and modern chat.
All the features you've come to expect, and some you wish you had.
Join over a million players and make the switch.
Available on Web, iOS, and Android

Superior design

Made by the top designers and engineers in sports
The sports industry is notorious for pushing out poorly designed products and expecting users to adapt to their platforms. This is especially true for fantasy football apps, where most sites are extremely difficult to use and the decent ones are ridden with ads.
Sleeper offers all the features you're used to, plus some you wish you had; all combined with a design that won't frustrate you and your friends.

What our users are saying

From guys who ditched the old platforms last year.
  • User review
    This app should get 6 stars
  • User review
    I love it so much I actually said yes when it asked if I wanted to review
  • User review
    This app is one of the best fantasy apps out there...11/10 would recommend
  • User review
    Awesome website, and even better mobile experience. I had no idea you could have so many features and commissioner tools!
  • User review
    I'm so done with ESPN. I tested a league on Sleeper and will not be switching back. Screw your full-screen ads ESPN!
  • User review
    Wow...the experience is so much better on Sleeper. I can actually cast my draftboard to my TV for my live draft. The league chat is pretty awesome, love the polls and GIFS!
  • User review
    Wish this thing existed years ago
  • User review
    Simply put this is the best fantasy football app on the App store
  • User review
    It’s like the Facebook of football without all the ads
    @Super tony cobra
  • User review
    Everything promised plus a lot more
  • User review
    One of the coolest apps designed for fantasy football I have ever seen
  • User review
    Recommend 10/10
  • User review
    This is the Michael Phelps of fantasy football apps
  • User review
    5/5 This app is my crack lol
  • User review
    This is so good. The perfect app
  • User review
    Feature set is unparalleled
  • User review
    This app will be immensely popular in the near future
  • User review
    In my opinion blows similar apps out of the water
  • User review
    Best fantasy app out there. Hands down.
  • User review
    This app is a game changer.
  • User review
    This is the best designed fantasy app ever. It’s like Slack for football fans.
  • User review
    Sleeper is what team stream wish it was when team stream goes to bed at night.
  • User review
    I don’t review a lot of apps but this one REALLY impresses me.
  • User review
    This app takes mobile to a whole new level. Love it!

All the features you expect - minus the annoying ads

See how Sleeper stacks up with ESPN, Yahoo!, and more
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Live Drafts
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Begin Draft Start Anytime Must Schedule Must Schedule
Modern League Chat Mobile Only
Group Chat
1:1 Chat
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Multi-Team Trades
Keepers FREE
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Exclusive features nobody else has

Here are some critical features missing or implemented poorly by existing platforms.
We took the time to get it right, and we think you'll love the experience.
League Chat
Modern chat
Direct Message
1:1 and group messaging
Better draft experience
Live scores and videos
Waiver Countdown
Weekly waivers on steroids
Multi-Team Trading
Trade like a real GM
Custom Playoffs
Play by your rules
Owner Chat
For players you own
Lazy Enforcement
Flexible roster rules
Sleeper Community
Biggest fantasy community
League Chat
Modern league chat like Slack or Discord

If you've ever used Slack or Discord, this interface may seem familiar to you. You can see that free agent moves as well as league banter all happen within this chat.

You can also send photos, conduct polls, and issue challenges directly from the chat. This chat is identical on mobile as it is on web, and sends push notifications to your phone when you are away.

Simply put, league chat is the best way to stay connected, no matter what platform you use, and it's the single reason that our leagues are considered the most active and fun of all the platforms.